Acu Sense Turbo HD 5.0 DVR

Ever since Hikvision introduced its Turbo HD technology back in 2013, security industry professionals have praised its amazing ability. The Turbo HD line transforms analogue CCTV video into high quality, high definition surveillance. It’s more than an upgrade – it’s revolutionary technology. Installers love it because they can install it using existing coaxial cable (and other wiring, too); business owners love it because it’s cost-effective; and everyone who uses it loves it for its clear, sharp imaging, high reliability, and ease of use.

Each iteration of the Turbo HD product portfolio advances the technology to the next amazing level. Version 1.0 took analogue resolutions from 420 TVL up to Hi-Def 1080p – by nothing more than plugging old wires into new cameras and DVRs! Fast-forward a few years to version 4.0, where Turbo products sent analogue signals up to 8 MP and began using the H.265 high-efficiency codec; what’s more, Hikvision’s signature H.265+ codec maintains 4K video while cutting bandwidth and storage requirements down by as much as 87%!

Turbo HD History
  1. Turbo HD 1.0
    • Resolution: from 420TVL to HD1080P
    • Compression: H.264
  2. Turbo HD 3.0
    • Resolution: Up to 5MP
    • Compression: H.264 & H.264+
    • Compatibility: TVI / CVBS / IPCalong with 2 more standards
    • Installation flexibility: PoC 1.0
  3. Turbo HD 4.0
    • Ultra HD: up to 8MP
    • Compression: H.265 & H.265+
    • Ultra low light technology
    • Updated Installation flexibility: PoC 2.0
Turbo HD 5.0

And it gets even better.

Boasting new features and functionalities, Turbo HD 5.0 once again takes analog and CCTV systems into the future. This new version transmits vivid color imaging 24 hours a day, with a brightness and clarity not seen before in TVI systems. And – for the first time in Turbo HD history – deep learning technology provides high tech security surveillance capabilities that surpass industry standards worldwide.

AcuSense Turbo HD DVR

Based on deep learning algorithms, the AcuSense technology offers improved VCA accuracy.

  • Deep-learning algorithm
  • GPU architecture
  • Target classification (Human / Vehicle / Others)